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BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTIONS 13 – Sirius Eye Entertainment


Hello Boos!!! I trust we have been all good. Well a continuation of the story comes below. Please do leave me a comment letting me know how you feel about it. Also, feel free to like and share. I would be really grateful.


She was the kind of person that snacked on crisps, a lot of them. Hence she had dozens of them in her office which they both snacked on as they pieced things together. He had been so adorable through it all. At noon, they had covered reasonable ground and she thought it was time to eat properly. So she got up but Micheal was to engrossed reading an article she wrote. She was really good. In-between the article he always drifted off thinking of her and how sweet she was, he ended up smiling at himself most times. She went to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of fruit juice which she sipped as she went through her food stuff thinking of what to cook. She ran her hand through her hair in confusion. She settled for rice with sauce consisting onions, tomatoes, fresh pepper, green pepper, pieced  meat and spice. She loved pepper and hoped Micheal would survive. No way she was going to ask him if he liked it or not before she is forced to be a good host. She got to work by putting chicken into the oven to bake and began per boiling rice and slicing the things for the sauce.

Eventually, Micheal finished reading the article and felt her absence. He got up and walked into the sitting room. Then he heard sounds coming from the kitchen and headed there quietly. There she was, backing him and engrossed in her cooking. She had packed her hair up and he guessed it was to prevent any form of disturbance. He decided not to distract and not to stand there staring so he backed away. He went back to the office and tidied the table. He sat down and got to work, personal work. He began to reply calls, re-schedule meetings, re-organise some plans, give out instructions and finally sort his mail. If there is anything he was sure of, the company could function in his absence. It did for the whole week he was absent. Reading and sorting his mail took quite a while so time flew by.

Finally everything was almost done and she brought her secret ingredient. Rachel was a sucker for cooking with alcohol so she poured about three shots of brandy into the sauce and inhaled the scent. It was lovely she concluded. After a few minutes food was ready. She brought out the chicken from the oven and transferred it to a serving dish. She did the same with the rice and sauce. She went to the dining table and set the table. She brought two glasses, a jug of juice and water. It was all set and she smiled. She let her hair down again and she turned to the mirror in the dining checking herself out. She winked in approval. She walked to the office and found him busy with his phones. At first she just stood by the door watching him be so serious. She proceeded to walk into the office and caught his attention. He looked up at her with a mischievously raised brow. “Hey you! Cmon let’s go and eat”, she invited with a cute smile. He got up and walked to her. She smiled at him and he reciprocated. They walked to the dining room with Micheal stealing glances at his phone. When they got to the dining room, he stopped abruptly. “Something smells abominably delicious here,” he said looking at her. “Guess what? It is even better when you taste it,” she jokingly replied. They settled down and she went around the serving and they got to eating. He was right. It was delicious, too delicious. He did not expect her to be so much of a cook. It was a good meal and he enjoyed it.

After lunch, she cleared up while he settled in the sitting room and turned on the television for the first time since he has been in the house. He found an interesting movie that got his attention and began to watch. Ray came out of the kitchen to see him watching a movie but she could tell it was scary but decided to join him. She went to him and snuggled herself right beside him. She was not going to watch the movie, she was busy playing game on her phone but he did not mind. He watched his movie in peace and she ended up sleeping off but he simply held her.


There you have it for today. Hope you all enjoy it. Please remember to leave a comment, like and share. Do not also forget to check out my blog- Bubzyblog.wordpress.com. Love you all!!!!!!!


Quee^ Natalia

what can I say? My creativity is the key to my fulfilment.

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