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Human Condition – Sirius Eye Entertainment

Human Condition

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

The human condition makes the harmless Mother become a ruthless demon when it comes to protecting her young,at times we become the devil to protect the angel in our lives.This strange situation we often find ourselves in through the course of our life time.

We were provided with the knowledge of bad and good not to stand judge as to who is right or wrong but to use the knowledge to understand the human condition.Just as we have the left and the right hand,it does not mean that one is more useful than the other,both are necessary for survival in this world.

An artist prefers to interpret his perspective of the world by expressing his imagination in a subtle but illustrative manner,some times the mask isn’t there to hide a beast but to protect a sheep’s identity in a wolf’s pack.When beauty in diversity is understood by Man through artistic gestures of some few,we will then realize that humanity is greater together.


Poetry is Code…



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